Dear Educator,

Thank you for your commitment to one of the most critical needs of our children and our future — Education. As a science teacher you know that the tools for discovery, curiosity and imagination, must be cultivated throughout life from child to adult.

Valuable resources like NOVA keep the fascination of science vibrant. Promega Corporation supports global educational efforts both through our business and various philanthropies. For educators, resources on some of the most popular topics of molecular biology including crime scene DNA identification and creating bacteria that glow in the dark are available at

We also invite you to open a dialogue on curriculum and science education with the BTC Institute, which is dedicated to K-12 learning in life sciences and supports undergraduate and graduate programs at numerous educational institutes. For Promega scientists, teaching a BTC Institute class is a favorite part of their day. Of course, you already know that — what could be more rewarding than passing on the fascination to the next generation?

Your work isn't only about knowledge and passing on what we know; it opens the door to what we don't know. Who would have thought that DNA would help solve crimes, fireflies could illuminate activity in a cell, or oyster mushrooms could filter contaminated waters? Please keep teaching, keep opening doors and keep us fascinated.

Thank you for your contributions,

Bill Linton
CEO, Promega


Media-Rich Lesson Ideas:
What Darwin Never Knew

Find a wide array of interactives, video clips, and lesson plans to accompany the program:

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