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Ice Mummies

Welcome to the companion Web site for the three-hour special "Ice Mummies," originally broadcast in November 1998. On this site, learn about mummies from around the world.
  • "Peruvian Expedition '96"
    Follow the daily progress of an archaeological expedition in search of frozen sacrifices on the summit of Sara Sara in Peru.

  • "The Iceman's last Meal"
    Find out what the Iceman ate eight hours before he died, some 5,000 years ago.

  • Unquiet Mummies
    Explore the complex and conflicting issues that arise when a mummy is found—from who owns it, to how to study it, to whether it should be put on display.

  • Reading the Remains (Hot Science)
    Examine a single burial site in Central Thailand and learn all that can be gleaned about a person's life, death, and the society in which she lived.

Plus Resources and a Teacher's Guide.

Photo: © Johan Reinhard

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