Spacewalk #3 ...Part 3

Well they finally got the doors closed. Today has seen an amazing turnaround; every day they make a list of every single little thing that is at all less than "perfect," down to the tiniest little detail. Usually these lists have many dozens of items; today's list literally had only two.

The morale change has been tangible. Last night people were really worried about today. The thinking was along the lines of "two spacewalks that were supposed to be routine turned out to be really quite difficult; today's is supposed to be extremely difficult at best, so what will happen? Do we even have a chance of success?"

Then the amazing happened--everything went nearly perfectly. The work Grunsfeld did truly set a historical precedent, and he actually got ahead of schedule. Everyone is thrilled and amazed; the scientists here are ecstatic.

However--there are two more spacewalks to go, with lots of critically important work left. Tomorrow is another repair like today's, trying to fix a spectroscope which, like today, involves removing lots of tiny screws and trapping them in the process.

I'm wondering whether today's momentum shift will hold, or whether they'll once again hit a wall of problems. We'll see!
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