NOVA scienceNOW in space!

No, I'm not being figurative or metaphorical here. A DVD of NOVA scienceNOW's Saving Hubble segment, which premiered last summer, actually flew in space thanks to astronaut and Hubble handyman John Grunsfeld

J.Grunsfeld autograph.JPG
A little light viewing. Image credit: Karinna Sjo-Gaber
The New York Times' Dennis Overbye wrote that "Dr. Grunsfeld's whole life has led to Hubble," and if you believe in fate, you'll find it here. Grunsfeld helped replace Hubble's pointing gyroscopes ten years ago. He played repairman again in 2002, and was looking forward to a third and final visit when plans for Hubble repairs were canceled after the Columbia accident. The bombshell of the cancelation hit Grunself hard--according to Overbye, he seriously considered resigning.

Happily, that wasn't the end of the story. The Hubble repair mission was restored, NOVA scienceNOW documented preparations for the mission, and in May, Grunsfeld got to finish what he started. NOVA scienceNOW will be updating the Hubble story on our August 25 show, and then this fall we'll have a full-hour NOVA on the big rescue. Grunsfeld and his spacewalking colleague Mike Massimino (the famous twittering astronaut!) presented this photo of Grunsfeld with the floating DVD to our Senior Executive Producer Paula Apsell and producer Rush DeNooyer at a press event earlier this month.

Curious about the other odds and ends that have flown in space over the years? NYU's Scienceline has the scoop.

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