What We're Watching: Here Comes Science

When one of your once-favorite bands stops writing songs about love, sex, and James K. Polk and starts turning out educational children's albums, it feels like some cosmic musical signal that it's time to pack up the futon, move out to the suburbs, and start reproducing.

That isn't in the cards right now (sorry Grandma--we're just not there yet!), but I think I'm allowed to listen to They Might Be Giants' latest audio/video release, Here Comes Science (iTunes), even if the Chuck-E-Cheese people won't let me on the slide anymore. Hey, it's about Science!

Here's a sample of a song called "I Am A Paleontologist," which is about being a paleontologist. There's also "What Is A Shooting Star" (it's not actually a star!), "Meet The Elements"  and, for the kids who feel like taking the evolution debate out on to the playground, "My Brother The Ape." Along with the opener "Science is Real," it pretty much clears up that whole "it's only a theory" thing. Plus, it kind of makes you want to dance.

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