NOVA on the radio!

If you've been to the NOVA website, you may have seen some of our audio features like "E = mc2 Explained", or "Defining Science". Or maybe you already subscribe to our podcasts (which I highly recommend, and not just because I produce them). Well, this week, we're trying something new in the audio realm. NOVA is dipping into its archives for a collaboration with WGBH radio. The result is the "NOVA minute"--a series of short clips from scientist interviews that we think are especially interesting, timely, poignant, or just fun. They're small and satisfying--kind of like science hors d'oeuvres.

At the moment, we're just testing the radio waters, trying to settle on a format that works. But for the month of December, those of you who live in the Boston area can hear the segments on 89.7 FM every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday just after 8:30 AM. If all goes well, we'll be producing more in January 2010, and will hopefully distribute them nationally in the future. Unfortunately, they're not yet available for download online, but here's a taste of what you'll find on-air. (Apologies for the cruddy audio quality--this was recorded straight from the WGBH radio web stream.)

Want to hear pieces like these in your town? Have a suggestion for what NOVA should do on the radio? Tell us what you think!

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