Get your NOVA ringtone!

Once upon a time, in those quaint, curious days between the Stone Age and the iPad Age, a telephone was a beige, boxy thing with a dial on the front and a bell inside.

Today, dials have given way to touchpads and rings have been ousted by ringtones. But I don't want to get all nostalgic. After all, your old phone couldn't ring the NOVA theme song, could it? I didn't think so! Now, at long last, your cell phone can ring with the sweet sounds of NOVA.


You can right-click and download the NOVA theme (doo doo doo DEE doo doooo...doo!) as an mp3 and convert and upload it to your cell phone. (You're on your own there--here are a couple of how-tos.)

Being from the old beige-box generation, I was shocked to discover that ringtones are big business, estimated to bring in between half a billion and a billion dollars each year. (The total seems to be shrinking as consumers learn to make their own ringtones.)

But don't worry, the NOVA ringtone is totally free. So, give it a try, tell a friend, and let the NOVA love ring!

Click below to listen.

Image Courtesy Istvan Takacs and Wikimedia Commons

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