We just got back from New York City and the opening night of the World Science Festival. It was an exhilarating night devoted to the intersection between art and science. (See what our Senior Executive Producer Paula Apsell wrote about the event.)

Our host, Brian Greene--you might remember him from "The Elegant Universe"--is cofounder of the festival. Just like NOVA, the festival aims to cultivate a science-savvy community.

This year, the opening night gala celebrated the revolutionary career of renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking.

Lincoln Center was abuzz with science-inspired performances by award-winning Broadway stars, principal dancers from ballet companies, and acclaimed poet Elizabeth Alexander. Famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma and artists from the Silk Road Ensemble paid homage to Hawking with a captivating performance. And later, Brian spoke about how Hawking influenced his career in physics.

Afterward, Hawking took the stage, thanked everyone, and even cracked a few jokes.

Stephen Hawking on stage at the World Science Festival. Photo by Anna Lee Strachan.
The evening ended with the world premiere of "Icarus at the Edge of Time," a film coupled with an orchestra performing music composed by Philip Glass and with live narration by John Lithgow.

The story, which is based on the children's book by Brian, is a reimagining of the Greek myth of Icarus.

In this adaptation, a boy goes against his father's wishes and dares to journey to a black hole. As he approaches the black hole's edge, Icarus confronts the effects of Einstein's theory of relativity--the gravitational pull of the black hole is so great that it slows down time for Icarus. What seemed like an hour to him was actually 10,000 years back home.

When he returns home, his father is long gone and the passing of millennia has transformed his world.

The World Science Festival continues for a few more days, but we had to get back to work on the "Fabric" miniseries. Wish we could have stayed longer to see it all.

World Science Festival cofounders Brian Greene and Tracy Day at the opening gala performance at Lincoln Center. Photo by Paula Apsell.

"The Fabric of the Cosmos" production team at the opening night gala. From left to right: Executive Producer Joe McMaster, Production Assistant Karinna Sjo-Gaber (me), Series Producer Jonathan Sahula, and Series Coordinating Producer Anna Lee Strachan.
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