So you watched Dogs Decoded last night and now you're in smart-dog withdrawal. Here's a hair-of-the-dog cure: Test your skills at deciphering the meaning of dog barks, hear from experts about their favorite smart animals, and discover why dogs and dogs alone come in so many shapes and sizes. Still jonesing for more incredible pups? This should do the trick:

You can learn more about goes into training a dozen dogs to dance around on Ikea furniture here. And if you missed the Dogs Decoded premiere, you can still watch the show streaming online. You lucky dog.

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This is about the November 9 Nova feature about dog communication. The content was fascinating, especially about the similar way dogs assess human faces. But humans still don't credit or respect animals sufficiently. Humans continue to demonstrate species-ism. Overall, I was left with a saddened, disgusted feeling seeing the foxes abused in Russia for experimentation, such as breeding for aggression. Those poor animals existing in awful, un natural conditions, confined in small wire cages, pacing and suffering. No wonder they are angry, forced to exist that way! This was glossed-over, horrible animal cruelty, especially since the show depicts what wonderful companions animals they have capacity to be. Shameful!

I would like to point out that the human race isn't going anywhere my dog is not a parasite she kills mice some people like me autism to many people have no business being parent in the first place yes i call her my daughters i feed water her give her shelter toys cleanup after her teach her proper behavior shes my little girl and i love her

i just watched dogs decoded im blown away how stupid these
' are apperranttly they dont deal with dogs much i've got a 6 month old stock dog that brings me things when i ask her to,by name. its not that dogs are dumb theyre very smart if you watch listin and understand them

RE: How Smart Are Animals aired Feb 9, 2011--looking for contact that is doing further research on Animal Intelligence and proof that Dogs can read human minds, etc.
For the past 8 years, Cookie's owner, Penny Miller, has been working with Cookie's unbelievable intellectual brain. Before Penny read any articles or books on an animal's intelligence and the ability to read a human's mind, she believed that she was blessed with a shelter dog that reads her mind. Now, that Cookie can no longer hear Penny, "Cookie's deafness does not interfere with the dog's understanding and ability to communicate what is on my mind," states owner. Please view the website, or just google cookie einstein. Penny is now researching for any study that proves animals can read human's minds. Communicating with Cookie now is on a different level. Cookie will only respond to a treat before she will bark any math questions from the audience. If the owner asks her any math questions without a treat, she simply turns her head about 45 degrees and avoids eye contact with Penny. That is her way of communicating the fact that her response is food, no trick, so to speak!! If she is thirsty, Penny asks her & if she barks, then Cookie wants water, preferably cold. No bark, not thirsty!
 Now, Cookie is turning 12 in May, so there is not much time left to study her. Penny, a senior too, is willing to do anything that it takes to continue this important research with animal intelligence.
Her dream is having Cookie on a major TV talk show so that millions of viewers may be further convinced of Animal Intelligence. They can also see that no signals are given. What Cookie does is not a trick. There was no training involved. This is a sampling of a dog understanding a human and ability to communicate.
Look forward to hearing from Nova.

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