What will the shakeup in Washington, DC mean for research budgets, energy and climate policy, and the future of NASA? We've collected analysis from bloggers and reporters around the Web, and hope you'll share your own predictions in the comments section.

Energy and climate

Research budgets

NASA and space exploration

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User Comments:

I see big cuts to hugely beneficial r&d programs instituted by the previous house for the sake of idealogical conservatism which, in my opinion is a scourge upon the intellect of the country as a whole. Energy and climate policy, which had momentum, albeit little, will come to a screeching halt, perhaps even be pushed back. They want change? Got it. In the form of an unstoppable climate, changing for the worse. Nasa, already crippled in budget, will likely be seen by this house as a frivilous expense and be ground to a halt as well. Collectively, I see the intentional dumbing down of the population, for it is much easier to gain followers that are not critical thinking, intelligent individuals. All of these things are.deeply troubling to me and I try my best to influence those around me to educate themselves and make informed decisions. Hope for a better future, but prepare for the worst.

Science, research, the quest for truth, understanding and knowledge are anathema to the recently elected Baggers, Christofascists and assorted GOP reactionaries. They will do everything in their power to squelch all support and funding of these things and work hard to portray them as evil and un-Uh'murkin.

The research agenda is likely to shift to industries favored more by Republicans: pharmaceuticals, materials, coal, oil exploration, and defense. Climate and Green research is going to take a hit as will stem cells. The shifts in emphasis every two years play havoc with the continuity of academic research teams that can't depend on sustained funding. As a result, universities tend to hire more and more non-tenure track faculty which in turn dampens the desire of young people to go into science and technology. It's a real problem.

If the USA falls too much farther behind in science, we will be passed by Kazakhstan.

Our politicians are turning the USA, into a banana republic.

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