Test Driving NOVA's First iPad App

Today I made hydrogen. I followed it up with some helium and a little carbon and oxygen. Tomorrow, if I have a little time on my hands, maybe I'll try for einsteinium.

No, I'm not doing tabletop fusion here at NOVA. I'm using NOVA's new iPad app, "NOVA Elements," which lets you create your own atoms and combine them to make the molecules in everything from a cup of coffee to a wristwatch. It's our first app for iPad and--though I may be a bit biased--I think it's very cool. Angry Birds cool. Complete double rainbow cool. Making your own atoms cool.

The app also includes an interactive periodic table loaded up with facts about each element--when it was discovered, what it looks like, where you'll find it in everyday (and not so everyday) objects--and video clips from "Hunting the Elements," our two-hour special about the periodic table. You can also watch the entire show through the app.

Just remember to turn on the sound: You will definitely want to hear those little Pew! Pew! Pew! sounds that the electrons, neutrons, and protons make as you fire them into your brand new atom. And you'll hear David Pogue, the host of the show and the face and voice of the app, guiding you through the menus and offering encouragement, kudos, and some tough-love commentary as you create your own atoms and molecules.

The app is totally free, and you can download it from the iTunes app store.

Have fun, and let us know what you think!

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