Upcoming Labs

NOVA Labs doesn’t end with our explorations of the Sun, energy, clouds, RNA, cybersecurity, and evolution. We're actively developing a number of other projects that will explore realistic simulations, and science-based games. Here's a sample:

Brain Lab

We’re working with computational neuroscientist Sebastian Seung and his team to develop a Lab that will challenge users to map some of the millions of neural connections that are involved in such functions as vision and memory formation. Combined with NOVA videos, Seung’s EyeWire game will help users learn about brain function while also contributing to real-world research.

brain lab
Map neural connections and help scientists determine exactly how the brain’s structure leads to functions like vision.

Image courtesy of EyeWire

Beyond that? We’re not sure, but we can say that there is no shortage of great topics, huge data sets, games, crowdsourcing engines, and other ways to involve regular citizens in scientific research. So, come back regularly to look for new Labs, and please let us know if you have ideas for projects that you and your friends would like to see.