Marathon Challenge

Mind of a Marathoner by Uta Pippig

Uta Pippig

As a marathoner, I realize that running 26.2 miles is not limited by physical capabilities but rather by the mind. Experience has shown that everyone can complete the event with the right goals, attitude, and preparation. You must have a strong spirit and a willingness to overcome fear and treat the marathon, and many of life's challenges, as an adventure.

The training process involves creating many small goals and moving from one to another—this makes the process easier. Together, these achievements add up to the ultimate desired goal: running a marathon to the best of one's abilities.

While preparing for a marathon, you will learn more about yourself and your hidden mental capabilities. Most marathoners are rewarded with great satisfaction and confidence that carries over into our daily lives. This comes from lessons learned about ourselves during the training and what we are able to overcome trying to reach our goals. This has given me—and I believe many other marathoners—an ability to overcome other obstacles more easily, which helps us become stronger and able to endure whatever life will bring us.

Uta cheers on members of the NOVA marathon team. Hear her reflect on the art of running and the joys of coaching Team NOVA.

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