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Clocks A Day in the Life: Noon

At noon, you kick off work in order to have your daily exercise regimen before lunch. Russian physiologists have provided the crew with three exercise routines, one to be followed each day in three-day cycles. The Base Block holds a gym that folds away when not in use, and today you're using the treadmill that is mounted directly in front of the rear tunnel, giving you a nice view of the entire Base Block. Of course, there's no gravity to keep you against the treadmill; you have to put on a harness that you connect to the treadmill with bungee cords. By now you've practiced enough to make a pretty good simulation of Earth jogging. To fight the boredom, you wear a portable stereo and choose music with a beat to keep you running, just like you would on Earth. On other days, you use the bicycle ergometer that's kept under the floor panel, or do exercises against bungee cords to keep your muscles from shrinking in the absence of gravity.

After your workout, you clean up and meet your crewmates for lunch. Then it's back to work for a few hours. After a comm pass, you might meet again for a short tea break.

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