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Scenes From a Quarry
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Scenes From a Quarry

As director of the Acropolis Restoration Project over the past three decades, architect Manolis Korres knows the marble blocks of the Parthenon as well as anyone today. Yet he recognizes that many unheralded laborers of the fifth century B.C. had an even more refined understanding of the stones. Korres considers the stonemasons who extracted and honed the marble not as ordinary workers but as exceptionally skilled artisans, in their own way as responsible for the immortal temple as the politicians, architects, and sculptors generally credited. In his book From Pentelicon to the Parthenon, Korres brings these ancient craftsmen to life and gives us some appreciation of their accomplishments. The book follows a single marble block on its journey from a quarry on the slopes of Mt. Penteli (then called Pentelicon) to the Parthenon construction site. See for yourself in the following scenes drawn from the book*.—Susan K. Lewis

* Drawings copyright © Manolis Korres and used with kind permission of the author

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