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My Dad Discovered Pluto
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My Dad Discovered Pluto

The date February 18, 1930 probably doesn't stand out particularly in your mind, but it certainly does in mine. For that's the day my father, Clyde Tombaugh (left), a farmboy-turned-astronomer, discovered Pluto, becoming the first American to find a planet. (Or a dwarf planet, as it's now officially known.) In this slide show of old family photos, follow the trajectory of my father's remarkable career, which, in its way, began and ended at Pluto. Or will end, 'round about the year 2015.—Alden Tombaugh

Alden Tombaugh is a retired banker who lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He has an asteroid named after him, 2941 Alden, discovered by his father.

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