Pocahontas Revealed: Archeologists uncover the reality behind a great American myth.
Producer's Story

The Producer's Story
How do you resurrect famous historical figures from four centuries ago, deerskin clothing and all?

John Smith's Bold Endeavor

John Smith's
Bold Endeavor

Historian David Silverman describes the clash of cultures between Jamestown's colonists and Pocahontas's people.

Images of a Legend

Images of a Legend
See a dozen portrayals of Pocahontas that reveal as much about their makers as about the woman herself.

The Science of Jamestown

The Science
of Jamestown

In this time line, learn how recent archeological excavations and other research are shedding light on England's first permanent colony in America.

Touching the Past

Touching the Past
Hear Chief Anne "Little Fawn" Richardson talk about the connection she feels to the famous Indian princess.


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