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First, choose your mode of exploration. We encourage you to download the QuickTime plugin so you can take part in this incredible journey. It'll be worth the effort!

Here, you can crawl through Khufu's narrow passageways and navigate your way, as the pharaohs did, to the King's burial chamber. Take the High-Resolution route (avg. 400k) for the best QuickTime VR experience, ease the download and see the same sights via the Low-Resolution route (avg. 150k), or take the Photographic route to see the 360-degree views as still images.

A "hand" cursor in a QTVR movie indicates a clickable link to the appropriate next page and QTVR file. Otherwise, navigate via the text links below the QTVR windows.

For the bold of browser, capture the whole experience in a single 2.7MB file, and click from passage to room and back, without waiting for the next movie to download. An "arrow" cursor indicates a clickable link to the next room.

Photography for QuickTimeVR: Aaron Strong
Photo: Aaron Strong

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