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Aviation in Latin America
Alberto Santos-Dumont was only the most famous Latin American aviation pioneer. Learn about the contributions of other Latin pilots as well on this Web site from the Smithsonian Institution.

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in Rhinebeck, New York houses one of the largest collections of early aircraft in the world, many of which are still flying. On its Web site, view photographs of its fleet, read historical information, and learn what kind of work goes into vintage aircraft restoration.

Century of Flight
The Century of Flight Web site offers a number of resources on the history of aviation, from the first hot-air balloons to modern-day spacecraft.

First Flight
On this Web site, view simulation videos of early aircraft designs, explore the fundamentals of flight, and find links to other resources on the aerodynamic concepts of drag and lift.

Rosebud's WWI and Early Aviation Archive
The Rosebud archive provides thousands of downloadable images from aviation's early years, including portraits of famous pilots, vintage postcards, aerial photography, and more.

The Pioneer Aviation Group
This is a series of linked Web sites with extensive and authoritative details of pre-World War I pilots and machines, including biographies of over 150 pilots, by noted aviation historian Carroll Gray.

Chasing the Sun
This companion Web site to the PBS program "Chasing the Sun" is an impressive resource on the history of commercial flight. Features include a detailed time line of aviation milestones, in-depth profiles of major aircraft, biographies of inventors and innovators, Web links, and more.


My Airships: The Story of My Life
by Alberto Santos-Dumont. University Press of the Pacific, 2002.

Wings of Madness: Alberto Santos-Dumont and the Invention of Flight
by Paul Hoffman. Theia Books, 2003.

Pioneer Aircraft: Early Aviation to 1914
by Philip Jarrett. Putnam Aeronautical, 2003.

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