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Counting Cabs

Counting Cabs


One of New York City's most recognizable features is its fleet of yellow taxicabs, which transport over 240 million passengers per year. Each cab bears a metallic medallion representing a city license authorizing the vehicle to operate within all five boroughs. But New York has a cap on the number of taxis that can cruise the city's streets.

How many registered cabs do you think there are in New York? Take a guess below. We're testing the "wisdom of crowds," a theory that the more people that answer a question, the closer the average of the group's guesses will be to the real answer. Even if you guess incorrectly, your estimate will likely help bring our average figure closer to the actual number of taxis in New York.—Rima Chaddha

Note: We'll give you a very rough hint. It's between zero and 100,000. On July 7, 2008, we zeroed out the results and began accepting guesses only within this range [See Ed George's response regarding this issue.]. The reason is that one or more visitors to this page began entering ridiculously high numbers to skew the results. Please limit your guesses to within this range.

So, how many registered cabs do you think there are in New York City?

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New York City
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