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Diamond Factory: Links & Books


The Nature of Diamonds | American Museum of Natural History
Learn about diamond as a shape, substance, mineral, and material at this digital exhibition from the American Museum of Natural History.

How Diamonds are Made
This multimedia slide show from Time Magazine takes you through the process of making diamonds, step by step.

Apollo Diamond
Click on "Technologies" to see some facts about Apollo Diamond—the corporation featured in this segment—and its work on synthetic diamonds.

YouTube: Process of Burning a Diamond
Diamond consists of carbon, just like coal. But did you realize that diamond, like coal, can be burned? Watch the process in this YouTube video.


Gems & Gemology in Review: Synthetic Diamonds
by James E. Shigley. Gemological Institute of America, 2008.

The Diamond Makers
by Robert M. Hazen. Cambridge University Press, 1999.

The Nature of Diamonds
by George E. Harlow. Cambridge University Press, 1997.


Diamonds on Demand
by Ulrich Boser., June 2008.

Invention: Diamond Dialysis Implant
by Justin Mullins. New Scientist, November 19, 2008.

Diamond "Wires"—Quantum Computing's Best Friend
by Jeff Hecht. New Scientist, December 23, 2008.

The New Diamond Age
by Joshua Davis. Wired, September 2003.

Prospecting for Diamonds on the Outer Planets
by Warren E. Leary. The New York Times, October 5, 1999.


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