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Profile: Franklin Chang-Díaz: Links & Books


Ad Astra Rocket Company Homepage
Learn about the Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR) system that might help us travel farther into space, at the website of Franklin Chang-Díaz's Ad Astra Rocket Company.

Human Space Flight—Advanced Space Propulsion Laboratory
Read about the latest steps in Human Space Flight at NASA's Advanced Space Propulsion Laboratory homepage.

Wired Science | Franklin Chang-Díaz: Astronaut and Rocket Scientist
Watch or read the interview with Chang-Díaz conducted by Wired Science Television.


Distant Worlds: Milestones in Planetary Exploration
by Peter Bond. Springer, 2007.

The Story of Manned Space Stations: An Introduction
by Philip Baker. Springer, 2007.

Living Off the Land in Space: Green Roads to the Cosmos
by Gregory L. Matloff, Les Johnson, and C. Bangs. Springer, 2007.

Fundamentals of Astrodynamics
by Roger Bate, Donald D. Mueller, and Jerry E. White. Dover Publications, 1971.


"Space Explorer Franklin Chang-Díaz: The Boy NASA Couldn't Keep on Earth"
by Joesph D'Agnese. Discover, November 8, 2003.

"Novel Rockets Speed Dreams of Sending People to Mars"
by Kenneth Chang. The New York Times, June 20, 2000.

"From Jungle to Space in Pursuit of New Drugs"
by Dinah Eng. The New York Times, November 28, 2000.


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