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April 19, 2005: Credits

Web Site Credits

Lauren Aguirre, Executive Editor
Jon Alper, Encoding
Jamie Biggar, QuickTime Interactivity
Ilsa Dohmen, Intern
Brenden Kootsey, Senior Web Developer
Lexi Krock, Associate Editor
David Levin, Editorial Assistant
Susan K. Lewis, Editor
Sonali Patel, Designer
Peter Tyson, Editor in Chief
Anya Vinokour, Senior Designer

Special Thanks

Rebecca S. Dresser, Washington University in St. Louis
William B. Hurlbut, Stanford University
M. William Lensch, Harvard Medical School
Mauro Ferrari, Ohio State University

Photo and Image Credits

NOVA scienceNOW Homepage
Photos: (stem cell vials) © Corbis Images; (T. rex) © Corbis Images; (Homo floresiensis) © National Geographic Society; (Naomi Halas) © WGBH/NOVA; (wood frog) © Stephen Maka Photography; (Kyla Dunn) © WGBH/NOVA; (nuclear transfer) © CC Studio/Photo Researchers, Inc.

Photo: (Robert Krulwich) © WGBH/NOVA online

About the Series
Photos: (James McLurkin) Courtesy Lemelson-MIT Program; (boat on bayou) © WGBH/NOVA

About the Series Host
Photo: (Robert Krulwich) © WGBH/NOVA; (Robert in studio) © WGBH/NOVA; (brain) Courtesy of Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, UCLA School of Medicine, Director: Arthur W. Toga, Artwork: John Bacheller and Kim Hager; (microscopes) © WGBH/NOVA

Little People of Flores

Little People of Flores hub page
Photo: (Homo floresiensis) © National Geographic Society

Compare the Brains
Photos: (endocasts) © WGBH/NOVA

Jared Diamond Interview
Photos: (Homo floresiensis) © National Geographic Society; (Jared Diamond, map, elephants, Robert Krulwich, hippos, jawbone, endocasts, skull closeup © WGBH/NOVA; (cave, bones, excavation) courtesy Chris Turney, University of Wollongong; (Pitcairn Island) Courtesy of Rachel Salt; (komodo dragon) Courtesy Jennifer Nale; (chimpanzee, Flores Island) © Corbis Images

Ask The Expert
Photo: (Bert Roberts) Courtesy Bert Roberts/University of Wollongong

T. rex

T. Rex hub page
Photo: (T. rex skeleton) © Corbis Images

Growing Up T. Rex
Photos: (Sue skeleton) © Field Museum, Chicago; (T. rex illustration) © WGBH/NOVA; (rib bone cross section) © Greg Erickson, Florida State University

Name That Sound
Photos: (T. rex) © Corbis Images; (baby alligator) © WGBH/NOVA

Ask The Expert
Photo: (Pete Makovicky) © Field Museum, Chicago

Profile: Naomi Halas

Naomi Halas hub page
Photo: (Naomi Halas) © WGBH/NOVA

Working With Nanoshells (Flash)
Photo: (Naomi Halas) © WGBH/NOVA

Working With Nanoshells (full interview)
Photos: (Naomi Halas) © WGBH/NOVA; (vials, nanoshells) © Naomi Halas

Cancer Nanotech
Photos: (introduction) Courtesy of R. Nesper, Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry, ETH Zurich; (nanotubes) Courtesy of Tim McKnight, Anatoli Melechko, and Michael Simpson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; (nanowire) Courtesy of Eric Mazur, Harvard University; (nanocantilever) Courtesy of M.E. Welland, Nanoscience Centre, University of Cambridge; (nanoshells) Courtesy of Naomi Halas, Rice University; (quantum dots) Courtesy of Jeff Harbold, Cornell University; (nanopores) Courtesy of Robert M. Metzger, University of Alabama; (gold nanoparticles) Courtesy of Chad Mirkin, Northwestern University; (liposomes) Courtesy of the Cryomicroscopy Group; (fullerenes) Courtesy of J.C.W. Bax, Metafysica; (dendrimer) Courtesy of Laboratoire des IMRCP

Ask The Expert
Photo: (Naomi Halas) © WGBH/NOVA

Stem Cells

Stem Cells hub page
Photo: (stem cell vials) © Corbis Images

Should We Allow Cloning for Stem Cell Research?
Photos: (nuclear transfer) © CC Studio/Photo Researchers, Inc; (I.V. drip) © Fotosearch; (lab mouse) © Windfall Films, UK; (stem cell culture) Courtesy of University of Wisconsin-Madison; (Bush press conference) Courtesy White House; (laboratory) © WGBH/NOVA; (red blood cells) Courtesy of NIH/NIDDK; (Dolly the sheep) © Roslin Institute; (pregnant woman) Courtesy; (blastocyst) Courtesy Dr. Ann Kiessling; (newborn) © Comstock Images; (cancer patient) © Bill Branson/National Cancer Institute; (fetus) © Steve Allen/PictureArts

The Cloning Process
Photos: (man in lab) © WGBH/NOVA; (microscope photos) Courtesy Drs. Kitai Kim and M. Willy Lensch

The Politics of Stem Cells
Photos: (man in lab) © WGBH/NOVA; (Bush/Hughes) Courtesy White House; (Christopher Reeve) Reprinted by permission of the American Society for Cell Biology, © 2002; (blastocysts) Courtesy Dr. Ann Kiessling; (James Thomson) Courtesy of University of Wisconsin-Madison; (President Bush) Courtesy White House; (Kyla Dunn) © WGBH/NOVA

An Alternative to Cloning
Photos: (Ann Kiessling, parthenogenetic egg cell, four-cell egg) Courtesy of Dr. Ann Kiessling; (Lauren Stanford) © WGBH/NOVA; (aphids) Courtesy of; (nuclear transfer) Courtesy of Drs. Kitai Kim and M. Willy Lensch

Ask the Expert
Photo: (Leonard Zon) Courtesy Children's Hospital, Boston

Frozen Frogs

Frozen Frogs hub page
Photo: (wood frog) © Stephen Maka Photography

Cold Cures
Photos: (wood frog) © Stephen Maka Photography; (microscope images, animation still, ultrasound, Rubinsky) © Dr. Boris Rubinsky

Ask the Expert
Photo: (Jon Costanzo) Courtesy of Dr. Jon Costanzo

Production Credits

Little People

Edited by
Win Rosenfeld

Vincent Liota

T. Rex

Edited by
Stephen Mack

Produced and Directed by
Peter Doyle

Naomi Halas

Edited by
Stephen Mack

Produced and Directed by
Gary Glassman

Stem Cells

Edited by
Harlan Reiniger & Michael Sheehan

Produced by
Julia Cort, Gregory Henry, & Kyla Dunn

Written by
Julia Cort

Frozen Frogs

Produced and Edited by
Vincent Liota & Win Rosenfeld

Executive Producer
Samuel Fine

Executive Editor
Robert Krulwich

Senior Series Producer
Vincent Liota

Supervising Producer
Andrea Cross

Development Producer
Kyla Dunn

Associate Producer
Win Rosenfeld

Program Editor
David Small

Unit Manager
Candace White

Jason Spingarn-Koff

Production Secretary
Hong Jung

Rob Morsberger

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Associate Producers
Anthony Manupelli
Mary Robertson
Cass Sapir
Ben Sweeney

Nate Clapp
Brian Dowley
Allen Facemire
Ken Fuhr
Bob Hanna
Jack Rayzor
Jon Tichota
Joe Vitagliano
Brett Wiley
Ken Willanger

Sound Recordists
Bob Bryan
Walter James
Anthony Rowland
Jayme Roy
George Schafnacker
Jimmy Williams
Andrew Yuncza

Audio Mix
John Jenkins

Pie Design

Additional Production by
Simon Nasht
Annamaria Talas

Additional Music
Mark De Gli Antoni

Production Assistant
Robbie Gemmel

Yunsik Noh

Special Thanks
American Museum of Natural History
Jade Boyd
Florida State University
R. Thomas Hammond
Ann Kiessling
David Scadden

Special thanks to the Park Foundation for its decade of support for NOVA.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigators
Doug Melton
Leonard Zon

Archival Material
ABCNEWS VideoSource
Rainer Albiez
Avalanche, Inc.
BBC Motion Gallery
Dr. Tony Brain & David Parker / Photo Researchers, Inc
Corbis Corporation
The Field Museum of Chicago
Gillian Darling
Susan A. Levine Photographic Art
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National Geographic Film Library
Dr. Yorgus Nikas/Photo Researchers Inc.
Bill Nipper
Paprikaas Animation Studios - Les Films D'ici, France
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Small Times Media
Ultimate Ungulate Images

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yU + co.

Walter Werzowa
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Additional NOVA Theme Music
Ray Loring

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Spencer Gentry

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The Caption Center

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Susan Rosen Shishko

Post Production Assistant
Patrick Carey

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Nathan Gunner

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Regina O'Toole

Post Production Editor
Rebecca Nieto

Post Production Manager
Maureen Barden Lynch

Supervising Producer
Stephen Sweigart

Producer, Special Projects
Susanne Simpson

Coordinating Producer
Laurie Cahalane

Senior Science Editor
Evan Hadingham

Senior Series Producer
Melanie Wallace

Managing Director
Alan Ritsko

Senior Executive Producer
Paula S. Apsell

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