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October 18, 2005: Links & Books

Artificial Life


HHMI Online Companion
The Howard Hughes Medical Institute offers an extensive collection of artificial-life research resources in its online companion to this episode of NOVA scienceNOW.
More on HHMI and its partnership with NOVA

National Human Genome Research Institute
This Web site from the National Institutes of Health provides news on the latest research and legislation surrounding human genetics in the U.S., and offers a discussion of the social and ethical implications of mapping the human genome.

The Virtual Library of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Find a detailed list of scientific articles on lipids, membranes, and vesicles, and learn how these structures work on a biochemical level.

Genome News Network
GNN's extensive Web site offers educational resources and articles on the human genome, with topics ranging from personalized medicine to genetic artwork.

NASA Astrobiology
NASA's astrobiology Web site discusses the study of the origins, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the universe.

Artificial Life
Visit the homepage for the official journal of the International Society of Artificial Life.


Life's Origin: The Beginnings of Biological Evolution
by J. William Schopf. University of California Press, 2002.

by Matt Ridley. Harper Perennial, 2000.

Origins: Fourteen Billion Years of Cosmic Evolution
by Neil deGrasse Tyson and Donald Goldsmith. W. W. Norton & Company, 2004.

Recent Article

"What is Life?"
by Robert Hazen. From Genesis: The Scientific Quest for Life's Origins, National Academies Press, 2005.



Lightning Research Group
The University of Florida's Lightning Research Group maintains a Web site full of photos, research project information, articles on lightning, and more.

How Lightning Works
Learn what scientists know about lightning and find out what questions they're still trying to answer.

Lightning Safety
More people are injured or killed annually in the U.S. by lightning than by tornadoes or hurricanes. Find out how to be safe during a lightning storm at this National Weather Service site.

Lightning and Atmospheric Electricity Research at the GHCC
On this site, NASA's Global Hydrology and Climate Center offers a wealth of information on lightning and the methods scientists around the world are using to study it.

Lightning: The Shocking Story
Visit National Geographic to explore the science of lightning, hear lightning strike survivors' stories, see photos, and more.

Savage Planet: Deadly Skies
The companion Web site to the PBS miniseries "Savage Planet" features a range of articles and interactives on lightning.

Storm Guy
"Storm Guy" Dave Crowley maintains an extensive online archive of severe weather photography and videography he has shot while chasing storms.


Lightning: Physics and Effects
by Vladimir A. Rakov and Martin A. Uman. Cambridge University Press, 2003.

The Lightning Discharge
by Martin A. Uman. Dover Publications, 2001.

by Seymour Simon. HarperTrophy, 1999.

Recent Articles

"Lightning: Thunderbolts from Space"
by Anna Gosline. New Scientist 2498 (May 7, 2005).

"Lightning Research: The Bolt Catchers"
by Mark Schrope. Published in Nature online, September 8, 2004.

"A Bolt out of the Blue: Research Shows That Lightning Is a Surprisingly Complex and Mystifying Phenomenon"
by Joseph R. Dwyer. Scientific American, May 2005.

Profile: Erich Jarvis


The Jarvis Lab
The Web site for Erich Jarvis' lab at Duke University Medical Center offers detailed information on their bird brain studies and full text of every major research paper its members have published.

Avian Brain Nomenclature Exchange
Explore the nomenclature of the avian brain, which has recently undergone a complete makeover spearheaded by Erich Jarvis.

The Life of Birds
Follow Sir David Attenborough as he explores bird intelligence, behavior, evolution, and more on this PBS Web site.

Bird Brains
Hear a 2003 interview with neurobiologist and bird specialist Erich Jarvis on NPR's The Connection.

Modern Bird Anatomy
Learn about our feathered friends from the inside out on this bird anatomy Web site.

Bird Mag Dot Com
Read about the art and science of bird care through this online magazine. Features include interviews, articles, Webcams, and more.

Inside the Animal Mind
This Web site from the PBS series "Nature" takes a look inside the animal mind. Explore the science of animal emotion, social consciousness, and more.


Bird Brains: The Intelligence of Crows, Ravens, Magpies, and Jays
by Candace Savage. Sierra Club Books, 1997.

The Parrot's Lament: And Other True Tales of Animal Intrigue, Intelligence, and Ingenuity
by Eugene Linden. Plume Books, 2001.

Inside the Animal Mind: A Groundbreaking Exploration of Animal Intelligence
by George Page. Broadway Books, 2001.

Recent Article

"Minds of Their Own: Birds Gain Respect"
by Sandra Blakeslee. The New York Times, February 1, 2005

Fish Surgery

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Koi fish and more at this detailed Web site.

This Web site is devoted to aquarium ownership and maintenance. View photographs and articles on fishkeeping, and participate in online forums.

Veterinary Medicine: Fish
The University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine offers a wealth of medical information on fish diseases, treatment, nutrition, and more.

American Veterinary Medical Association
Whether you own fish or ferrets, the American Veterinary Medical Association has you covered. Its Web site provides useful articles, links, and other resources to help care for pets large and small.

Cornell Aquatic Animal Health Program
Learn what it takes to become a fish doctor on Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine Web site.


Fish: How to Choose and Care for a Pet Fish
by Laura S. Jeffrey. Enslow Publishers, 2004.

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Aquarium Fish and Fish Care
by Mary Bailey and Gina Sandford. Lorenz Books, 2000.

Marine Atlas: The Joint Aquarium Care of Invertebrates and Tropical Marine Fishes
by Helmut Debelius et al. Voyageur Press, 1995.

Recent Article

"Fixing Nemo"
by Rebecca Skloot. The New York Times Magazine, May 2, 2004.

Hurricane Katrina


National Hurricane Center
This NOAA Web page provides extensive information on hurricane science and safety. Track storms as they move, view satellite imagery, and much more.

News Updates from The Times-Picayune
The New Orleans Times-Picayune Web site offers excellent coverage of Hurricane Katrina and the flooding that followed it. View Web cams and photographs of the city, participate in message boards, and get an insider's view of New Orleans as it starts its recovery.

Hurricanes, Climate, and Katrina
Science magazine is offering a wide selection of its usually subscriber-access-only articles on hurricanes to the general public for free in light of Katrina. Read seminal Science articles related to the science of wetlands, hurricanes, climate change, and much more.

Recording Katrina
Read firsthand accounts of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath from those who lived and worked in its path.

Hurricane Season
Hear NPR's full coverage of Hurricane Katrina.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency's Web site offers information on governmental aid efforts and Web resources for hurricane victims and volunteers.

The Hurricane Hunters
Using photos and video, the U.S. Air Force 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron shows you what it's like to fly into the eye of a hurricane.


Hurricane Watch: Forecasting the Deadliest Storms on Earth
by Jack Williams and Bob Sheets. Vintage Books, 2001.

Extreme Weather: A Guide and Record Book
by Christopher C. Burt and Mark Stroud. Norton, 2004.

A Field Guide to the Atmosphere
by John A. Day, Vincent J. Schaefer, Christy E. Day, and Roger Tory Peterson. Houghton Mifflin, 1998.


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