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November 21, 2006: Credits

Web Site Credits

Lauren Aguirre, Executive Editor
Gayle Añonuevo, Editorial Assistant
Rima Chaddha, Assistant Editor
Brenden Kootsey, Senior Web Developer
David Levin, Editorial Assistant
Susan K. Lewis, Editor
Anna Malsberger, Designer
Rick Pinchera, Illustrator
Rumee Singh, Web Intern
Peter Tyson, Editor in Chief
Anya Vinokour, Senior Designer

Special Thanks

Roger Bagnall, Columbia University
Arthur Caplan, University of Pennsylvania

Photo and Image Credits

Mass Extinction

Mass Extinction hub page
Image: (pelycosaurs) Courtesy University of Michigan, Exhibit Museum of Natural History

Prime Suspects
Images: (all except Doug Erwin) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation; (Doug Erwin) Courtesy Doug Erwin

1918 Flu

1918 Flu hub page
Image: (1918 virus in mouse lung) From Tumpey et al., Science, 310(2005), used with permission of AAAS

Reviving the Virus
Images: (Flu patients in World War I) Courtesy National Museum of Health and Medicine, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington, D.C.; (H5N1 flu, CDC headquarters, working with 1918 virus, flu vaccine, processing SARS specimens) Courtesy CDC; (inside a research facility) © Touhig Sion/CORBIS SYGMA; (New York's Grand Central Station) © iStockphoto/sx70; (1918 virus in mouse lung) From Tumpey et al., Science, 310(2005), used with permission of AAAS; (handling anthrax letter) © Reuters/CORBIS; (anthrax letter) Courtesy FBI; (graves of 1918 flu victims) © K.Moe/Svalbard Posten/CORBIS SYGMA; (GenBank tape with genetic data) © Ted Spiegel/CORBIS

Profile: Cynthia Breazeal

Profile: Cynthia Breazeal hub page
(Cynthia Breazeal) Courtesy Webb Chappell/MIT

Friendly Robots
Emotion images: (child with Kismet, Kismet making faces) Courtesy MIT; (Leonardo images) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation; (scene from Star Wars) © Twentieth Century Fox

Kismet images: (Kismet and Cynthia Breazeal) Courtesy Donna Coveney/MIT; (Breazeal with son) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation; (man with Kismet, woman with Kismet) Courtesy MIT; (Disney store) © James Leynse/CORBIS

Huggable images: (Huggable 3-D model) Courtesy MIT Media Lab; (AIBO) © Sony Electronics Inc.; (hand on Huggable, Breazeal with son, Breazeal and Justin Kosslyn with Huggable) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation; (Huggable concept photo) Courtesy Dan Stiehl/MIT Media Lab

Raising images: (all) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation

Friendship images: (Reception Robot "Actroid®") Courtesy Kokoro Company Ltd/joint-development with Advance Media Inc. as part of "Project for the Practical Application of Next-Generation Robots" promoted by NEDO; (Kismet) Courtesy MIT; (girl with dog) © iStockphoto/Paolo Florendo; (Breazeal with Leonardo) © Sam Ogden


Papyrus hub page
Image: (Verses on the Labours of Heracles papyrus) © The Oxyrhynchus Papyri Project, Oxford/located in the Sackler Library, Oxford

Ancient Fragments
Images: (map of Egypt) © 2005 David Monniaux; (Sermon on the Mount by Carl Heinrich Bloch, Satyr with the Farmer by Jacob Jordaens) Public domain; (Verses on the Labours of Heracles, Peri Aphrodision by Sappho, The Art of Love by Philaenis, Letter of a Priest to a Priestess, Acknowledgment of Indebtedness, Against Philosophers, List of Articles for a Sacrifice, Oath Concerning Care for Trees, and Copy of a Latin Will papyri) © The Oxyrhynchus Papyri Project, Oxford/located in the Sackler Library, Oxford

Ask the Expert

Images: (Doug Erwin) Courtesy Doug Erwin; (Terrence Tumpey) Courtesy Terrence Tumpey; (Cynthia Breazeal, Roger Macfarlane) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation

Program Participants

Images: (all) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation

Production Credits


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1918 FLU

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Neil deGrasse Tyson

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David Chmura

Post Production Supervisor
Win Rosenfeld

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Anthony Manupelli
Mica McCarthy
John Pavlus
Mary Robertson
Shimona Shahi
Anna Lee Strachan

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Candace White

Production Secretary
Fran Laks

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Al Lopez
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Frank Coakley
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Doc Jones
Darrell Mitchell
Hing Ng
Charles Tomaras

Audio Mix
John Jenkins

Jim Ferguson

Vincent Liota

Special Thanks
ANG Newspapers
Jim Crowley
MIT Robotic Life Group
National Museum, Bloemfontein, South Africa
Natural Resources Canada
Eric Sperling
Jude Swales
Stan Winston Studios

Archival Material
ABC News Videosource
American Red Cross
BBC Motion Gallery
The Egypt Exploration Society
Getty Images
Cynthia Goldsmith
Greg Hensley Productions
Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites
Iowa State University Library/Special Collections Department
Keystone-Mast Collection, UCR/California Museum of Photography,
University of California at Riverside
National Archives
The National Museum of Health and Medicine, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington, D.C.
Sam Ogden/Photo Researchers
Louie Psihoyos/Science Faction
Quill Graphics
San Francisco Chronicle
US Naval Historical Center
University of Michigan Papyrus Collection

Neil deGrasse Tyson is director of the Hayden Planetarium in the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History.

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Susan Rosen Shishko

Assistant Editor
Alex Kreuter

Associate Producer, Post Production
Patrick Carey

Post Production Supervisor
Regina O'Toole

Post Production Editor
Rebecca Nieto

Post Production Manager
Nathan Gunner

Producer, Special Projects
Susanne Simpson

Coordinating Producer
Laurie Cahalane

Senior Science Editor
Evan Hadingham

Senior Series Producer
Melanie Wallace

Managing Director
Alan Ritsko

Senior Executive Producer
Paula S. Apsell

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