What Got Neil Interested in Science?

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When Neil set up his "Ask an Astrophysicist" booth in Central Park, he got lots of takers. Here, listen in as he describes what inspired him as a boy to pursue science and why we should be thankful for the Hubble Space Telescope.

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You said you wanted to "bring adults back to science." I'm 71 (which may be older than you wished :+), & my husband & I --- as well as our extended family --- watch your shows with endless fascination. Thank You for Being.


I want to be an Astonaut so bad. And your show imspires me so much and I would like to thank you guys>


Thanks for catching this!

I love NOVA scienceNOW. Have been reading for some time. just wanna drop a message say that this piece of science is great. cheers


If we can slow light down.......has anyone looked at using different speeds of light, to create a difference in magnetic attraction on a body/craft....similar to air pressure above and below a wing?......just a thought



Many THANKS to PBS and all sponsors for this show!
I have net Neil DT and he is as cool in person as he is on the show.


Unknown~ I would rather reach for the stars Then at least I know That I could never end up with dirt on my hands.


I loved listening to is interest in planets and stars. i would love to learn more about the solar system and the life cycle of stars.

It's me again... I was curious, if we somehow could introduce new matter into our sun, could we prevent it from going SuperNova? Food for thought, so to speak for the sun, something for it to chew on for a while. Can I go so far as to imagine sending a few dozen or so jet packs to the asteroid belt, having them attach themselves to the first rock they see and navigate them back into our sun? Perhaps herd Eros into the sun and away from us?

Can I ask a strange question? Do you think planets have cravings? And/or do asteroids/comets have attractions? Could we be hit by an asteroid based on what the earth is lacking based on what that asteroid contains? or is it simply a matter of trajectory, gravity and happenstance that we would get hit by an asteroid?


This is a wonderfully presented Science Show. I couldn't leave my chair...super, don't change anything. Looking forward to many more fantastic learning adventures with Mr. Tyson and associates.

With this blog post you have help me to find the facts which I need to get more information. Thanks for that!

As an African-American Astrophysicist you are one of my heroes along with particle Physicist Ronald L. Mallett

I've been reading info on your site for quite some time now, never really got a chance to post anything. Just want to say you always have the best information and thank you for that

I think perhaps you all by the side of NSN got hacked. I can't imagine with the intention of all of these Jesus speaks 2012 videos were posted by my beloved NSN staffers. Don't know if you've seen with the intention of here is a bunch of stuff at a complete loss all the rage involving Neil's answering questions all the rage the square, birthright in the same way as the single he answers on the subject of 2012.


I think perhaps you all at NSN got hacked. I can't imagine that all of these Jesus speaks 2012 videos were posted by my beloved NSN staffers. Don't know if you've seen that there is a bunch of stuff stuck in between Neil's answering questions in the park, right after the one he answers about 2012. hmmm.

Amen to that Loralei! When asked that question: who would you most like to have to dinner or go to dinner with . . . I pick Dr. Tyson! What an interesting man.

I'm just REALLY glad Dr. Tyson found science. He's funny, interesting, smart - and I hope he brings a lot of new minds to science. Thanks Dr. Tyson!