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Aging - January 2007
Will research into "longevity genes" help us live longer and healthier lives?

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Art Authentication

Art Authentication - July 2008
See how clever computer algorithms can distinguish a master fake from a masterpiece.

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Brain Trauma

Brain Trauma - July 2008
Even so-called "mild" head injuries turn out to be anything but.

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Bird Brains

Bird Brains - July 2008
Clues to the origins of human language are turning up in the brains of birds.

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Capturing Carbon

Capturing Carbon - July 2008
An eighth-grader's science fair project prompts her scientist father to develop a new way to pull excess carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

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Dark Matter

Dark Matter - June 2008
Turns out most of the universe is held together by a mysterious, invisible substance.

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Emergence - July 2007
How does the "intelligence" of an ant colony or the stock market arise out of the simple actions of its members?

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Epigenetics - July 2007
Our lifestyles and environment can change the way our genes are expressed, leading even identical twins to become distinct as they age.

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First Primates

First Primates - July 2008
Our most distant primate ancestors, which took the stage shortly after the dinosaurs left it, were tree-dwellers the size of mice.

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