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Cafe Sci Meeting in Inman Square

Science Cafés

Join us for engaging conversation, free food, and drink specials.

Café Sci meets July 10 to discuss your snooze button

The topic: Matt Wilson at MIT has found a way to peer into the dreams of lab rats. What he has seen provides remarkable insight into how we use sleep to learn from our waking hours. As it turns out, sleep may be one of the best ways you can spend your time.

So how does he do this? And just what do rats dream about? Does Matt's research explain why I slept through my junior year? Grab a beverage and ask your own questions this Tuesday.

Starts at 6:30, Tuesday, July 10
@ the Thirsty Scholar, Inman Square
70 Beacon Street, Somerville
Free appetizers! Drink specials!

Curious? Concerned? Just thirsty and talkative?

Café Sci encourages open, easy-to-understand conversation. No lectures. No PowerPoint. No technical jargon.

Café Sci is free and open to all (21+ at the Thirsty Scholar).

Bring your friends, tell your neighbors, post this message, and pass it along.


Café Sci is hosted by the public television series NOVA scienceNOW.

Café Sci will meet again. Check back here for details, or sign up for the Café Sci e-mail list by writing to