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For Scientists

For Scientists

Have you thought about sharing your work with a larger audience, in a café, classroom, auditorium, or even on television? NOVA scienceNOW is interested in partnering with you. It's easy to get involved:

Get involved in a science café

Science cafés are lively, informal conversations about a particular science topic. They are open to everyone and take place in casual settings like pubs and coffeehouses.

NOVA scienceNOW supports science cafés throughout the U.S., and created to help you get involved.

Use NOVA scienceNOW resources

NOVA scienceNOW is actively recruiting scientists to present on topics related to the series. If there is a NOVA scienceNOW episode that pertains to your research, contact us to find out if we can help you share your work at a science café, or to recommend a colleague.

Pique your audience's interest by incorporating NOVA scienceNOW content into your lectures and presentations. DVDs of past NOVA scienceNOW episodes are available for purchase for educational purposes.

Get the word out

Link to us. Enhance your Web site with links to the online resources at NOVA scienceNOW.

Publish an article about the importance of outreach for your professional association publication.

Check out this media guide (PDF) for some ideas about working with the local and national press.

Pitch an idea for a show segment

Are you or your colleagues doing work that might make an interesting NOVA scienceNOW feature? Tell us about it.