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Kelly Tyler Kelly Tyler
Kelly Tyler
NOVA Online Producer/Correspondent

Kelly Tyler's interest in polar exploration was first inspired by The Last Place on Earth, a dramatization of Roland Huntford's account of the Antarctic expeditions of Robert Falcon Scott and Roald Amundsen broadcast on PBS in 1985. A 1989 graduate of Harvard University, she came to NOVA the same year, where she worked on documentaries for the NOVA series, including "Poisoned Winds of War," "The Lost Tribe," "Iceman," "Killing Machines," and "Sex and the Single Rhino." Since 1991, Tyler has worked with NOVA's large-format film unit, which produces films for IMAX and IWERKS theaters, located at museums, cultural institutions, and commercial venues worldwide. She was associate producer on the large-format films Stormchasers (1995); Special Effects (1996), which was nominated for a 1996 Academy Award; and Island of the Sharks (1999); she currently serves in the same role on The Endurance: Shackleton's Epic Journey (2001). In addition to her large format-film work, Tyler also co-produced Special Effects: Titanic and Beyond (1998) for the NOVA television series and produced the companion web site for NOVA Online (1998). Currently she is co-producer for the NOVA Shackleton TV program as well as producer for the NOVA/PBS Online Adventure Shackleton's Antarctic Odyssey.

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