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Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance
Site Map

Shackleton's Expedition
     Voyage of Endurance
     Timeline 1914-1916
     Meet Shackleton's Team
     Escape from Antarctica
     Shackleton's Lost Men
     Interview with Alexandra Shackleton
     Diary of a Survivor

Surviving Antarctica
     Mapping Terra Incognita
     Quest for the Pole
     Danger on the Ice
     Survival Stories
     Kingdom of Ice
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Explore Antarctic Islands (QTVR)
     Shackleton's Grave, South Georgia QTVR
     Ice Floe QTVR
     Peggotty Camp, South Georgia QTVR
     King Haakon Bay, South Georgia QTVR
     High above Grytviken, South Georgia QTVR
     High above Stromness, South Georgia QTVR
     Grytviken, South Georgia QTVR
     Stromness, South Georgia QTVR

Diary of a Survivor

Interview with Alexandra Shackleton

Classroom Resources
     Site at a Glance
     Lesson Plans
     Questions of the Day
     Field Report
     Escape from Antarctica
     Related Resources

NOVA Expedition 1999/2000
     Expedition Maps
     Meet the NOVA Team
     Questions of the Day

Transcript of the television broadcast

Teacher's Guide

About the Images

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