The largest land animal in Antarctica is an insect, and the continent has no plants to speak of, so it offers visitors no fruits, vegetables, or even roots to eat. Food is restricted to what you can pull from the ocean, but with fishing virtually out of the question when the ice is six feet thick, you're left with seals and penguins, as the seal skin pictured here hints. As Lionel Greenstreet wrote after Shackleton's team had been on the ice for several months, "The food now is pretty well all meat. Seal steaks, stewed seal, penguin steaks, stewed penguin, penguin liver..." Their own stores, incidentally, included out of necessity the 69 sledge dogs Shackleton had brought for his never-to-be crossing of the continent. "This duty fell upon me & was the worst job I ever had in my life," Frank Wild reported after having to shoot some of the dogs. "I have known many men I would rather shoot than the worst of the dogs."