Riddles of the Sphinx
Explore the Giza Plateau
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Explore the Giza Plateau

Want to see the Sphinx up close? Take in the view from the top of the Great Pyramid? Walk along the entire 144-foot length of the Pharaoh Khufu's reconstructed funerary vessel, carved 4,500 years ago and buried in pieces at the base of his pyramid? In this interactive, enjoy 360-degree and other panoramas of these and other monuments atop the world's most famous necropolis. While you're at it, don't miss the "converging Pyramids."—Peter Tyson

Images: (Giza Plateau) © 2007 Digital Globe/www.satimagingcorp.com; (Khufu Pyramid, Pharaoh's Boat, Khafre Pyramid, Sphinx, View from the Sahara, Converging Pyramids) © 2000 WGBH Educational Foundation

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