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Welcome to the companion Web site to "Trillion Dollar Bet," originally broadcast on February 8, 2000. The film tells the fascinating story of the invention of the Black-Scholes Formula, a mathematical Holy Grail that forever altered the world of finance and earned its creators the 1997 Nobel Prize in Economics. Here's what you'll find online:
  • The Formula That Shook the World
    One economist has likened the impact of the discovery of the Black-Scholes Formula to that of the discovery of the structure of DNA. Delve into the inner workings of the formula - if you dare.

  • Impact of Online Trading
    Seems like everybody is getting into the game of trading stocks over the Internet. Here, a columnist for The, an online investment and financial news publication, takes a sidelong glance at this exploding phenomenon.

  • A Trader's Lexicon
    You probably know the difference between a bull and a bear market. But what about the difference between a call and a put? A trend line and a trend break? Whisper numbers and whipsaws? Get the answers in our online glossary.

  • Play a Virtual Market (Hot Science)
    Want to play the stock market without risk? Here we give you a virtual fortune and several leading stocks to spend it on. Caution: These stocks may be volatile.
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