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Welcome to the companion Web site to "Sultan's Lost Treasure," originally broadcast on January 16, 2001. The program follows a French-led expedition to recover thousands of porcelain and other artifacts from a centuries-old Chinese shipwreck off the coast of Brunei. Here's what you'll find online:
  • On China's China
    What makes blue-and-white porcelain so striking? So durable? So inimitable? In this engaging interview, Tung Wu, curator of Asian art at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, shares some of the secrets of medieval potters.

  • Ancient Chinese Explorers
    A century before Europeans 'discovered' the Indian Ocean, Chinese merchants led by the redoubtable Zheng He (1371-1433) journeyed as far as Zanzibar in search of trade items to dazzle the imperial court.

  • Asia's Undersea Archeology
    Wrecks of medieval ships found in China, South Korea, and Thailand, all laden with quality trade goods, are shedding light on the greatest period of Chinese maritime exploration.

  • Date the Dish (Hot Science)
    How old is that old bowl? In this game, you're an expert who needs to assess the age of a centuries-old Chinese porcelain artifact.
Plus Resources and a Teacher's Guide.

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