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Roller Coaster!

Classroom Activity

To consider the principles involved in constructing an egg bunjee-jump.

Materials for each team
  • copy of "Humpty Dumpty Revisited?" student handout (PDF or HTML)
  • A wire coat hanger
  • rubber bands
  • A raw egg
  • other materials to hold and cushion the egg, such as string, packing materials, tape, rubber bands, scraps of polystyrene, balloons, bits of cloth, or different sizes of paper cups
  • A couple of heavy books
  • paper towels
  1. Challenge students to construct a bunjee-jump ride. Organize students into groups and give each group a copy of the "Humpty Dumpty Revisited?" student handout and materials listed.

  2. As students are working, ask them to consider the following points: How will they protect the egg from cracking as it comes near the floor? How will they protect the egg from cracking if the cord begins to sway from side to side? How will they make sure that the "seat" stays attached to the cord?

Activity Answer

The egg should be cushioned and secured so that it cannot move around. A seat made of or lined with a material that absorbs the pressure of impact will work best, such as a bed of rubber bands, a slightly inflated balloon, or a layer of polystyrene. Some of the adjustments they might want to make include changing the length of the rubber band cord, cushioning the sides of the seat more, or adjusting the fastening loop at the top to keep the rubber band from flying off. Students should think about how a seat belt or other restraint system works as they design their seat.

Teacher's Guide
Roller Coaster!

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