Killer Quake!

Student Handout

House of Cards

Architects must consider many factors when they design and construct a building in a particular location. Choose one of the challenges below, and use the supplies provided to create a model building that will meet the requirements of the challenge. You may fold the paper or index cards in any way you like, but you cannot use tape or glue to hold the parts of your building together.

1. Fill the box top with sand. Create a building with a floor that is anchored securely to the ground. Your building must remain standing even when one end of the box top is raised by 2 inches. building in box of sand

2. Turn the shoebox upside down. On top of the overturned box, construct a building that can remain standing during an earthquake. To test your structure, drop a heavy book next to the shoe box and check to see whether your building is still standing. building on shoebox

3. Create a building that can sustain strong winds. It must remain standing when it is placed 10 feet from an electric fan that is blowing at low speed. building in front of fan