Decoding Nazi Secrets

Student Handout

Operation Decode - Part I

You have been chosen by the British Secret Service to be a member of Station X, the highly secret organization set up to decode German messages during WWII. To prove you are up to the job, decode this cipher sent to you from your leader, Winston Churchill.

Decode the cipher below. As you discover what each encrypted letter represents, print it over the actual letter in the following alphabet.

actual: A B C D E F G H  I   J  K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


Lx law bxpwnkwgiwky gl Ylgljxc V,


Gy mxe icxo law Cgfjy agzw jczgpwp Uxtgcp gcp gkw


lakwglwcjcq gtt xh Wekxuw. Mxek bxeclkm gcp law oxktp cwwp


mxek awtu! J agzw baxywc mxe nwbgeyw mxe agzw law hjcwyl


sjcpy lx yxtzw law oxktp'y sxyl pjhhjbetl uefftw—WCJQSG.


Mxe seyl oxki dejbitm gcp jc ywbkwl awkw gl Ylgljxc V ecljt


mxe nkwgi law bjuawk.



Rxttm qxxp tebi!


Yjk Ojcylxc Baekbajtt