Secrets of Lost Empires II: Pharaoh's Obelisk & Easter Island

Student Handout

Lever Lift

A Great Ruler has selected your team to erect a brick obelisk. How will your team raise it? Because a brick is tiny compared to a real obelisk, you must work under the following conditions to begin to experience the difficulties the ancients faced:

  • You may not touch the brick with your hands.

  • You are limited to 2 bamboo shish kebab skewers for your levers.

  • You must use the small pebbles for support stones.

  • A team member or members must act as scribe to draw and record what class of levers you used, what difficulties you had, and how you overcame them.

Use the materials you are given to raise the brick as far as you can. Your teacher will measure to determine which team raised its brick the highest.

diagram of lever lift method