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NOVA Quiz, The

Program Overview

"The NOVA Quiz" is divided into three distinct games. Participants are asked to recall specific facts, place various items into categories, and predict the outcomes of several experiments. Each of these games can be used in the classroom to enhance thinking skills.

A quiz-show format can be easily adapted for use in the classroom. Such a format can be used to test students' understanding of a particular unit, not just their ability to memorize facts. Games can be used in the classroom to stimulate participation, build confidence, and make learning fun. Some possible applications of a quiz-show format are pretesting a class on their existing knowledge, reinforcing key concepts from a particular unit, and evaluating students' mastery of skills and information. The activities suggested here provide some examples of classroom adaptations of "The NOVA Quiz." These ideas can help you and your students to design and conduct your own quiz show.

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NOVA Quiz, The