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Deadliest Plane Crash, The

Viewing Ideas


Before Watching

  1. Have students use a world map to locate the origination and destination points in the program: Los Angeles, California, and Amsterdam, Netherlands (origination), and Las Palmas, Canary Islands (destination). Also have them find Tenerife, Canary Islands, the location to which the jets were diverted.

  2. Have students find the distance from California to the Canary Islands and from the Netherlands to the Canary Islands. If a plane flies an average speed of 925 kilometers per hour, how much time would it take to travel to the Canary Islands from each location?

  3. As students watch, have them collect information on the factors that contributed to the crash.

After Watching

  1. Have students give their initial impressions about reasons for the crash based on what they saw in the film. Which events seemed to contribute the most to the crash? Which events seemed less important? To help students more closely consider the role of each of the events leading up to the crash, have them complete the "Thinking Things Through" activity.

  2. Fatigue can be dangerous when driving a car. Ask students to propose ways that drivers can keep themselves and others safe when driving on long trips. (Some ways include taking breaks early and often, getting a full night's sleep before a trip, not driving during normal sleeping times, sharing the driving, and stopping when signs of fatigue are apparent.)

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Deadliest Plane Crash, The