Build a Rocket

  • By Rima Chaddha
  • Posted 11.06.07
  • NOVA

Rockets built prior to World War II had limited military value. They were unstable and could only travel short distances, and it was virtually impossible to predict where they would land. But all this began to change with the German V-2. The V-2's powerful engine and aerodynamic design also helped set the stage for space travel. Here, learn about the V-2 rocket by assembling your own. 

Launch Interactive

Learn how the innovative German V-2 rocket worked by assembling it yourself.

This feature originally appeared on the site for the NOVA program Sputnik Declassified.



Artwork by Robert Calow from V-2 Ballistic Missile
© Osprey Publishing Ltd./ Adapted for NOVA Online by Tyler Howe.

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