Clean Air Technologies

  • By Lexi Krock
  • Posted 04.18.06
  • NOVA

When it comes to air pollution, the good news is that environmental measures and new technologies have made air cleaner in many countries in recent decades. The bad news is that worldwide, the atmosphere over cities is still smoggy, more areas are urbanizing, and the number of cars is increasing. While there is no single magic bullet, a number of technologies might help keep air clean in the future. Explore them here.

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Explore a handful of creative solutions to help reduce air pollution, including exhaust-eating algae and wind energy.

This feature originally appeared on the site for the NOVA program Dimming the Sun.



Courtesy Klaus Post
Courtesy Sal Campos, FARR Air Pollution Control
Courtesy Dr. Tasios Melis, UC Berkeley
(catalytic converters)
© General Motors/Reuter R/CORBIS SYGMA
(wind turbines, solar array, nuclear z-machine)
Courtesy Sandia National Laboratories
(Toyota Prius)
Courtesy Toyota
Courtesy Elizabeth Bradburn
(fuel cell station)
Courtesy California Fuel Cell Partnership
(biodiesel-powered machines)
Courtesy USDA

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