Inside a Nuclear Control Room

  • By David Levin
  • Posted 03.29.11
  • NOVA

To prepare for the grave responsibility of operating a nuclear power plant, engineers at the Pilgrim Nuclear Generating Station in Plymouth, Massachusetts spend hundreds of hours each year training at a nearby simulator. It features an exact replica of the plant's control room, down to every detail in the lights, buttons, labels, and audio signals. In the following high-resolution Gigapan image, get a glimpse of how workers at the actual plant monitor its operation and safety.

Launch Interactive

Explore a panoramic image of the control room at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station's training simulator.

Due to the nature of how Gigapan panoramas are created, some parts of this image may appear distorted.


Special thanks to Dave Noyes at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station for providing additional information.


(Gigapan of control room)
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