Outfitting an Ice Climber

  • By Lexi Krock
  • Posted 02.10.04
  • NOVA

All ice climbers outfit themselves with roughly the same gear, be they adventurers exploring the Himalayas or hobbyists tackling local frozen waterfalls. Balancing durability with flexibility and light weight, ice clothes and equipment allow climbers to move deftly over slick, frigid, vertical surfaces. Here, get to know the essentials of an ice climber's wardrobe.

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Examine the technical clothing and equipment an ice climber wears to scale slippery heights.

This feature originally appeared on the site for the NOVA program Descent Into the Ice.



(main image, boot detail, rope detail, gaiter detail, runners detail)
© Lexi Krock for WGBH/NOVA
(all other details)
Courtesy of Eastern Mountain Sports, www.ems.com

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