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Welcome to the companion Web site to "Secrets, Lies, and Atomic Spies," originally broadcast on February 5, 2002. The program chronicles the lives and covert activities of the so-called "atom spies" in the 1940's, including the big one that got away, Theodore Alvin Hall. Here's what you'll find online:
  • Read Venona Intercepts
    Released by the National Security Agency, these once top-secret messages, encoded by their Soviet senders and decrypted by Venona codebreakers, reveal compelling, behind-the-scenes details of Soviet espionage.

  • Family of Spies
    In a series of interviews alternately gushing and reserved, embittered and accepting, the sons of the Rosenbergs, Ted Hall's wife and elder daughter, and other family members of Venona-era spies offer their views about their spying relatives.

  • 20th-Century Deceptions
    Mata Hari. Alger Hiss. Kim Philby. Aldrich Ames. Their names stick in our collective consciousness, though whether famously or infamously depends on whose side you're on.

  • Decipher a Coded Message (Hot Science)
    Learn some of the tricks codebreakers use to solve ciphers, then use your new talents to make sense of what looks like a bunch of gibberish.

Plus Resources and a Teacher's Guide

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