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Outfitting a Fighter Pilot

With their steely nerves and cool demeanor, fighter pilots seem born to fly. Yet even the toughest human beings are unequipped to survive, much less thrive, in today's combat airplanes. Soaring at up to 60,000 feet and more than 1,875 miles per hour—the altitude ceiling and top speed of an F-15—a pilot would quickly black out without his flight gear, a 40-pound collection of vital clothing and equipment designed to counteract the effects of altitude and G forces. In this interactive, find out what an F-15 fighter pilot wears in the air and what he carries in case he must eject.—Lexi Krock

Lexi Krock is a former associate editor of NOVA online.
This feature originally appeared, in slightly different form, on NOVA's Battle of the X-Planes Web site.

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