World in the Balance

Student Handout

Who Will Take the Heat? - Resources


University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Introduction to climate change

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Fact sheets on climate change

United Nations
Introduction to the science of climate change in graphs
Climate change information kit

Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center

Role Perspectives


Official government sites
"Climate Action Report," 2003
Collection of U.S. government policy papers on climate change, 1992-2003
Information on China's energy use and carbon emissions from the Department of Energy's Energy Information Network

ENN Environmental News Network
Results of public opinion polls on climate change


Office of National Coordination Committee for Climate Change
"China and Global Climate Change," statement on how China sees the issue of climate change
Links to a wide range of information on climate change issues from Chinese government perspective

National Geographic Magazine
"China's Growing Pains: More money, more stuff, more problems. Any solutions?" Article in March 2004 issue.


International Chamber of Commerce
International business views and advocacy on climate change

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
U.S. business views and advocacy on climate change


Sierra Club

World Wildlife Fund

Environmental Defense
Carbon emissions from U.S. cars and SUVs compared to other countries
Business-environmental partnerships to reduce emissions

Union of Concerned Scientists
"Vehicle Experts Unveil Design for a Better SUV"
Information on benefits of a renewable energy requirement in the U.S.

U.S. Department of Energy
Information on China's energy use

Environmental Protection Agency
Information on U.S. energy generation