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The following interactives and video clips were chosen in collaboration with WorldWide Telescope (WWT) scientists to provide background information for the Dust & Us tour.

Milky Way

Gaining Perspective on the Milky Way
This panorama provides a view of the Milky Way galaxy, one of the central figures in the Dust & Us tour. The view is unlike any you will see standing on Earth.

Galaxy M83

Virtual Tour of Galaxy M83
This virtual tour of M83 provides the perspective required to fully appreciate spiral galaxies, including M81 and our own Milky Way.

Actors on the Galactic Stage

Actors on the Galactic Stage
This video explores the forces involved in the creation and growth of galaxies and explains why black holes help define a galaxy's size, shape, and behavior.

Birth of a Black Hole

Birth of a Black Hole
This interactive explores the dramatic events that transform a dying star into a black hole, one of the most powerful and mysterious objects known to science.

Pillars of Creation

The Pillars of Creation
This slide show illustrates the steps required to convert raw data from the Hubble telescope into meaningful—even beautiful—images like those seen in the Dust & Us tour.

Decoding Cosmic Spectra

Decoding Cosmic Spectra
This interactive explores how analyzing the wavelengths of light emanating from stars and galaxies can tell us a great deal about the composition of distant objects in our universe.

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WorldWide Telescope

The WorldWide Telescope (WWT) is a rich visualization environment that functions as a virtual telescope, bringing together imagery from the best ground and space telescopes in the world for a seamless, guided exploration of the universe.



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