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Another Twitter response

May 18, 2009 _ 11:32 / Digital Nation Team / comments (0)

Another reader responds to our discussion on the utility and future of Twitter:

As far as I can tell, the thing you are missing about Twitter it's raw collection of thoughts is not meant to be read as a stream or an update. As far as my usage goes, if you're not directly in my peer group, I don't think they should be read in their original form at all.
As a friend or family member, I want to know about what's happening around me, complete with attached media. My sister sends an update, "at the party, having a great time." Twitter is absolutely useless in this situation, and it doesn't need to be because there are already companion services that can add a linked photo and geotag. But nevertheless, people don't use these, and 'high information density' is no where to be found. Furthermore, her stream is completely out of context to anyone not in her peer group.
The power of twitter is in Trends. Twitter is a massive garbage dump of incomplete thoughts and opinions. However, when we use applications to sift through this mess, we get common themes and trends; we can get an idea about what's going through the culture's head. This notion of high information density messages are just gibberish, but gibberish that is useful to people in marketing and politics. Of course we've already heard about this in the blogosphere; the Twitterverse is a hundred times as big.




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